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November/December 2016—Work/Life Balance

September/October 2016—Alternative Dispute Resolution

July/August 2016—Supreme Court

May/June 2016—Specialized Inns

  • Workers’ Comp: Virginia Workers’ Compensation American Inn of Court: Crossing New Ground in the American Inns of Court Movement
  • Workers’ Comp: Motels of Comp? (Not in Jersey)
  • ADR: The Justice Marie L. Garibaldi American Inn of Court for Alternate Dispute Resolution
  • Criminal: Herbert G. Goldburg & Ronald K. Cacciatore Criminal Law American Inn of Court
  • Appellate: Bruce R. Jacob Criminal Appellate American Inn of Court
  • Elder: Thomas E. Penick, Jr. American Inn of Court at Stetson Law: First Elder Law American Inn of Court Raising Awareness and Finding Solutions in Florida
  • IP: The National Success of, and Challenges for, Intellectual Property American Inns of Court
  • Family: Melson Arsht American Inn of Court: What’s So Special About a Specialty Inn
  • Bankruptcy: Broadening the American Inns of Court Through Specialization

March/April 2016—Practical Legal Skills

January/February 2016—Lawyers Assistance Programs

November/December 2015—Technology

September/October 2015—35th Anniversary

July/August 2015—Professionalism

May/June 2015—Magna Carta

March/April 2015—Mentoring

January/February 2015—Humor in the Law

November/December 2014—Pro Bono & Access to Justice

  • Have You Ever Been Experienced? Attorneys Provide Critical Pro Bono Representation
  • More Than a Responsibility: A Case for Strengthening the Profession and Feeding Your Passion Through Pro Bono Work
  • The Silvonus Shannon Story
  • William Reece Smith, Jr. Litigation American Inn of Court Focuses on Pro Bono and Diversity

September/October 2014—Judicial Clerks

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