Deadlines & Themes for The Bencher

The Bencher magazine is the flagship publication of the American Inns of Court and published six times per year. Submissions are welcome and membership is not require to contribute an article. If you are interested in writing, please be sure to review our Editorial Policy and Submission Guidelines. Please contact our editor with any questions.

November/December 2020
Theme: Cybersecurity
Deadline: August 1, 2020
Businesses including law firms have been hacked, resulting in the hijacking of computer systems until ransom is paid to release the systems. Information has been stolen, compromised, or exploited. How can you protect yourself, your firm and clients from attacks or data breaches? What are the obligations after an attack or data breach has occurred? How have you advised your clients regarding cybersecurity matters? What are some issues surrounding cloud storage of client information? What does cybersecurity mean to the modern day practice of law?

January/February 2021
Theme: Working with Clients and Potential Clients
Deadline: October 1, 2020
No matter the type of practice, most attorneys work with clients. What are some issues that can arise when working with clients? How do you determine who is the client and how does this affect the role of the attorney? What issues can arise if someone other than the client is paying the legal fees? Have you experienced an interesting attorney-client privilege issue? How have you handled prospective clients and how have you worked through conflicts with existing clients? What are some best practices to help avoid issues when working with potential and existing clients?

March/April 2021
Theme: Communication: Understanding Your Audience
Deadline: December 1, 2020
How do you appropriately craft your message to the target audience? What are the differences between writing for or arguing before a trial court versus an appellate court? What are the differences in writing an internal legal memorandum versus one intended for a client? If your message is going to a client, does the way you provide information reflect who the recipient is? What are some issues with intra-company communications, maintaining confidentiality, and determining whether you should communicate orally or in writing? When does the use of tone assist in advocacy and when does it raise concerns about professionalism and civility? Share your ideas on how to tailor the mode and style of communication to fit a particular situation or person.

May/June 2021
Theme: Multigenerational Perspective Issues in the Practice of Law
Deadline: February 1, 2021
What are the issues that arise in the practice of law from the perspective of different generations of lawyers—from new lawyers to the most senior members in the profession? How do lawyers of different generations view the legal system? How has the practice of law changed over the years? How have legal employers dealt with requests for changes in work habits such as teleworking? What are the pros and cons from the employer’s and employee’s perspectives? How do we successfully work across multiple generations in the practice of law? What words of wisdom do you have for an attorney or judge who is not from your generation?

July/August 2021
Theme: Ethics
Deadline: April 1, 2021
Tell us about interesting ethical issues that you have experienced. What are the ethical rules lawyers should consider when discussing cases in the media? What ethical issues arise when a judge runs for re-election or a lawyer runs for election as a judge? What ethical concerns do lawyers face when engaging in the representation of clients, in communicating with prospective clients, or in declining legal representation?

September/October 2021
Theme: Bankruptcy Law
Deadline: June 1, 2021
What is it that non-bankruptcy practitioners need to know about bankruptcy law? What are the basics? What are new developments in this field of law? What are some interesting new cases? Are there any new laws or rules that affect the practice of bankruptcy law? What are the ethical issues and pitfalls of which lawyers need to be aware?

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