American Inns of Court Professionalism Awards


The American Inns of Court Professionalism Awards are awarded each year, in participating federal circuits, to a lawyer or judge whose life and practice display sterling character and unquestioned integrity, coupled with ongoing dedication to the highest standards of the legal profession and the rule of law.


Candidates for these awards are nominated through circuit-wide open nominations and selected by a panel of representatives from both the circuit and the American Inns of Court. Nominations should be addressed to Hon. Carl E. Stewart and include sufficient supporting documentation to enable the selection committee to make a reasoned judgment. A complete package includes a nomination letter, resume, contact information for the nominee, and at least a minimum of two additional letters of support.

Please note: The nominee does not need to be an active American Inn of Court member. The nominee must, however, be alive at the time of nomination.

  • With the concurrence and participation of the chief judge of the circuit, the award is presented at each circuit's judicial conference.
  • Deadlines vary according to the circuit.
  • The recipients are recognized at the American Inns of Court annual Celebration of Excellence at the Supreme Court of the United States.

The awards are underwritten in part by Thomson Reuters and other generous donors.

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