The Bencher—May/June 2024

Tribute to Sandra Day O’Connor

Feature Articles

Sandra Day O’Connor Lived the Values of the American Inns of Court
By Chief Justice Ruth V. McGregor (Ret.)—Page 12

My Memories of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor
By Mick Lerner, Esquire—Page 14

Sandra Day O’Connor Award Recipients Gather to Pay Final Respects to Justice O’Connor
By Derek A. Webb, Esquire—Page 16


Ethics: Delaware Court of Chancery Explains Distinction between Duty of Confidentiality Under Rule 1.6 and Evidentiary Protection of the Attorney-Client Privilege
By Francis G.X. Pileggi, Esquire—Page 9

Technology: Courts Can Adapt with Technology and Improve Practitioners’ Experience
By Raffi Melkonian, Esquire—Page 22

Regular Features

Inn the NewsPage 3
Profiles in ProfessionalismPage 19
Program SpotlightPage 23

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