The Bencher—March/April 2024

Women in the Law

Feature Articles

The Long Journey from Zero to Majority on the Court
By Justice Arthur G. Scotland (Retired)—Page 12

Judge Stephanie Seymour: A True Trailblazer
By Eric Turner, Esquire—Page 16

Carol Fey, Esquire: An LGBTQIA+ Legal Trailblazer
By Hannah Botkin-Doty, Esquire—Page 19

Miami Trailblazing Female Judges in Workers’ Compensation Law
By Stacey R. Laskin, Esquire; Vanessa Pellot, Esquire; Ingrid Hagerty, Esquire; and Audrey M. Castro, Esquire—Page 21


Ethics: Justice Kagan Recuses from a Case, Cites New Supreme Court Code of Conduct
By John P. Ratnaswamy, Esquire—Page 11

Tech: Delaware Supreme Court Stays Abreast of Emerging Technologies
By Chief Judge Michael K. Newell and Ryan P. Newell, Esquire—Page 26

Regular Features

Inn the NewsPage 3
Profiles in ProfessionalismPage 24
Program SpotlightPage 27

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