Biased? Me? How Biology and Psychology Affect Our Opinions..
Biased? Me? How Biology and Psychology Affect Our Opinions and Actions— and How to Recognize and Improve our Interpersonal Skills
Sought to educated audience members educate members on implicit bias, confirmation bias and its effect on justice. Particular focus areas included the biology of decision-making, heuristics and preferences, an explanation of bias in the human psyche, examination of gender differences in perception and application to harassment issues in current news concluding with strategies for applying recognitions to a practitioner’s interpersonal skill.

Presented By: The Robert W. Calvert Inn of Court (30118)

Presented: February, 2018

Topic Areas: Implicit Bias, Legal Practice, Professionalism, Bench-Bar Relations

Materials: PowerPoint Presentation and Video

CLE Approval: Approved

State: Texas (TX)

Hours: 1.25

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