American Inns of Court Program Library

Ongoing program events are the foundation of each American Inn of Court. These programs also provide the opportunity for all levels of the legal profession to come together and learn from each other on a regular basis.

Inn programs are collected and stored in the American Inns of Court Program Library. The Program Library consists of programs created by Inns nationwide and submitted to the national office as well as special projects from Inns that range from community service projects, special award ceremonies, and other events that fit outside the realm of general programs. The Program Library is available as a resource for new program ideas or programs on specific topics and practice areas and many programs can be downloaded from the Online Program Library.

These program resources are dependent on the contributions of local Inns. Only those programs that are submitted with full information and supporting materials can be documented and used to assist other Inns or Inn members in program development. Please consider submitting your Inn program today so that we can provide it as a resource to other Inns and other Inn members.

Submitting a Program

Program Submission Guidelines

For additional information regarding program submissions, please review our program submission guidelines.

Ordering a Program

All of the available programs can be found in and ordered from the Online Program Library. Many programs can be downloaded and the rest can be ordered for shipment.