Program Submission Guidelines

How do I submit an American Inn of Court program?

  • Electronic submissions are required. Submitters can consider sending their programs via the following methods:
    • Send by e-mail
    • DropBox ( Share your Dropbox folder containing the submission via e-mail.
    • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Server - often available via firm servers
    • Google Drive (
  • Questions about submissions can be sent by e-mail to the program library

What program materials should I submit?

  • A Program Submission Form. Please fill out all criteria to the best of your ability. If additional space is needed, attach extra sheets with the headings clearly labeled.
  • A complete set of program materials. This can include: scripts, transcripts of speeches, program agendas, outlines, relevant research (case law or articles), PowerPoint presentations, pictures, videos, and any other materials that are necessary to replicate the program.

Is there a deadline for submitting programs?

  • Programs submitted for Program Award and Achieving Excellence consideration must be submitted within 60 days of presentation.
  • Submitting programs shortly after presentation is encouraged to keep the Program Library content current.

Suggested order of submitted program materials

  1. Program Submission Form
  2. Program Submission Form attachments
  3. Agenda, program, or playbill
  4. Script or outline
  5. Handout materials
  6. Research materials (Bibliography of relevant case law, articles, statutes, etc.)

Tips for submitting programs

  • Please indicate the order of program materials. This can be done by:
    • Adding an index or table of contents to your program materials
    • Numbering the documents (e.g., 1. Program Submission Form, 2. Agenda, 3. PowerPoint, etc.)
    • Indicating the order of documents in the body of your e-mail
  • When submitting a video recording of the program, please do not include the business portion of the Inn meeting.
  • Many video clips are available on YouTube. If there is a YouTube clip available, please include the web link rather than the entire video. Permanent links are preferred.
  • Include a list of research materials rather than the actual cases. Short articles (under five pages) are fine to attach. This keeps the file sizes down so members and program committee volunteers can easily download programs.
  • For panel discussions and keynote speakers, please submit either a written outline of the topics covered or a video recording of the program. Only submitting the speakers' biographies or relevant case law does not give other Inns enough information to replicate the program.
  • If CLE credit is pending, record on the Program Submission Form the hours applied for and the relevant state. If approved CLE hours are different, please send us an e-mail.

Should I submit my program for the Program Awards?

The purpose of the Program Awards is to promote the exchange of program ideas and to recognize exceptional programs created and presented at local Inn meetings.

The "Program Awards" section on page two of the Program Submission Form allows Inns to explain how their program meets the judging criteria. These criteria can provide valuable feedback to the Inn. If you do not feel that your program meets the criteria outlined in that section, then please refrain from submitting it for Program Award consideration.

How do I submit my program for Program Award consideration?

On the Program Submission Form, the program must have "Program Awards" box checked on the first page. The form must also have the "Program Awards" section on the second page completed. This section of the form aids the Program Awards Committee in their selection process.

Please remember that the Program Awards Committee reviews the materials you submit. If the program materials are incomplete, the committee will not review the program and the program will not be considered for a Program Award.


If you have questions or need further information about submitting a program, the Program Library, or Program Awards, please send us an e-mail or call (571) 319-4713.