Mentoring, on a formal or informal basis, is one of the best experiences for lawyers to build or refresh the knowledge and skills needed to become effective practitioners.  By creating an environment for idea exchange and open discussion, the Inn of Court becomes the ideal place for new lawyers to learn from more senior members of the legal community, and for more seasoned professionals to expand their understanding of new approaches and technologies. Mentoring can provide fresh perspectives and insights, regardless of experience level.

Mentoring at the Inn level

Mentoring may take place:

  • During the regular monthly meeting
  • Within the pupillage team as it meets to plan and prepare a program
  • In a relationship designed for this purpose with scheduled meetings between a wise and trusted counselor and a less experienced member
  • In small groups that meet outside monthly Inn meetings

Mentoring Evaluation

  • At the end of the year, the mentoring committee should conduct an evaluation of the Inn's mentoring program, seeking input from mentors and protégés and using information from group reports.
  • The results of the evaluation should serve as a means for continually improving the Inn's mentoring program.
  • This evaluation is submitted to the national office for Gold and Platinum designations.

Model Mentoring Program

  • The American Inns of Court has developed a Model Mentoring Program for Inns to adapt and implement.
  • The model mentoring program was developed in conjunction with the  Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough Center on Professionalism at the University of South Carolina School of Law.
  • The model mentoring program also helps local Inns maintain mentoring programs of their own.

Mentoring Resources

Mentoring Evaluation and Form Samples