Inn Program Development

Monthly programs are the cornerstone of each Inn, and provide the unique opportunity for all levels of the profession to come together, engage in discussion, and learn from each other.  A well-organized program promotes professional development, collegiality among members of the legal community, and in many cases, satisfies members' CLE requirements in an interesting and engaging manner.

During monthly meetings, pupillage teams plan, research and present programs, newly created by the team or ordered from the Program Library. A Master of the Bench leads the team consisting of one or more Masters of the Bench (including a judge), one or more Barristers, one or more Associates and/or one or more Pupils. It is helpful to have as many pupillage teams as there are regular meetings so that each team is responsible for no more than one program per year. Read more about various Inns' approaches to pupillage team structure and program development in the resources section below.

About Inn Program Development

  • Monthly programs generally focus on practical legal skills.
  • Monthly programs emphasize ethics, civility and professionalism in the practice of law.
  • Programs include presentations of principles, techniques, and relationships involved in daily practice.
  • Great programs also allow ample time for discussion by all Inn members.
  • Learn about submitting programs to the Program Library.
  • Search the Online Program Library.   

Inn Program Forms

Inn Program Development Resources