Best Special Project Award 

A special project is a substantive activity or enterprise created and developed by the Inn that may not be just for Inn members but also reaches the local legal community or community at-large.

Award Criteria

  • Promotes or incorporates elements of the American Inns of Court mission
  • Presents interesting or challenging subjects
  • Reaches out to the legal community
  • Contains complete research to support the project

By implementing these elements or as many as possible into your submission, you will enhance your Inn's chances of earning the American Inns of Court Best Special Project Award. All special projects submitted for Program Awards must be received at the national office by April 30. The Best Special Project Award follows the Program Awards cycle, which begins May 1 and ends April 30. Any programs submitted after April 30 will be considered for the following Program Awards year. If you have questions about the deadline, please send us an e-mail or call Nick DiCicco at (571) 319-4713.

Project Submission

Special project entries should include a complete set of materials and be postmarked by April 30 to qualify for an award and to be included in the Program Library.

  • Programs must be submitted within 60 days of the presentation date to be eligible for award consideration. Programs received after April 30 will be considered for the following Program Awards year.
  • Submit programs via e-mail.
  • If the project cannot be submitted electronically, please send us an email for assistance.
  • Please include a complete set of materials along with a Special Project Submission Form.
  • Only original projects presented between May 1 and April 30 are eligible.

Submitting a project for award consideration may also satisfy one or more requirements in the Achieving Excellence program.  Depending on the nature of the special project, submission may count toward the program submission, community project, or other requirements.  If you think your special project may satisfy one of the Achieving Excellence requirements, please consult with your Chapter Relations Director.

Special Project Award Recognition

  • Presentation of an engraved plaque at an Inn meeting
  • Listed in the online Program Library
  • Listed in The Bencher®
  • Special seating and early bird registration for the annual Inns of Distinction Gala held in late July.
  • Listed in Inns of Distinction Gala booklet.