Bankruptcy Distinguished Service Award

The American Inns of Court Bankruptcy Distinguished Service Award recognizes a judge or attorney who has practiced in the field of bankruptcy law and whose life and practice display sterling character and unquestioned integrity, coupled with ongoing dedication to the highest standards of the legal profession and the rule of law.

Recipients are selected by a national committee of the American Inns of Court and the award is presented each fall at the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges.

Bankruptcy Distinguished Service Award Nomination Procedures

Nominations: Nominations should be made by letter, accompanied by the nominee's C.V. or resume, and any appropriate supporting documents. Additional letters of recommendation are encouraged to allow the committee to make a reasoned judgment. Letters of recommendation should be addressed to Hon. Carl E. Stewart, chair of the American Inns of Court Awards Committee. Please note: The nominee need not be an American Inn of Court member and must be alive at the time of nomination.

Nomination packages should be sent to Cindy Dennis by email or U.S. Mail:

American Inns of Court
Attn: Cindy Dennis
225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 770
Alexandria, VA 22314

Deadline: Nominations must be emailed by 11:59 pm or postmarked no later than June 1.

Selection: Recipients are selected by a national committee of the American Inns of Court.

Presentation: The award is presented annually at the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges. The recipients are also recognized at the American Inns of Court annual Celebration of Excellence at the Supreme Court of the United States.

Questions? Please contact Cindy Dennis, Awards & Scholarships Coordinator, by email or calling (571) 319-4703.

Recipients of the Distinguished Service Award

2024—Andrew R. Turner, Esquire
The Honorable Sarah S. Curley (Ret.)
The Honorable John E. Waites (Ret.)
The Honorable Harlin D. Hale
The Honorable Judith K. Fitzgerald (Ret.)
The Honorable Joan N. Feeney
2018George B. Cauthen, Esquire
2017The Honorable W. Homer Drake, Jr.       
2016—The Honorable Barbara J. Houser
2015—Patricia Ann Redmond, Esquire
2014—The Honorable Paul M. “Bill” Glenn
2013—Kenneth N. Klee, Esquire            
2013—Richard Levin, Esquire
2012—The Honorable Elizabeth Perris