Bankruptcy Inn Alliance 

Bankruptcy Inn Alliance ShieldThe Bankruptcy Inn Alliance seeks to improve the civility, professionalism, and ethics of legal professionals in the field of bankruptcy law.

The Bankruptcy Inn Alliance was organized by Andrew J. Turner, Esquire of Turner Law Firm LLC, of the Bankruptcy American Inn of Court in South Orange, New Jersey, and the late Michael A. McConnell of the Hon. John C. Ford American Inn of Court and Eldon B. Mahon American Inn of Court in Fort Worth, Texas. Building upon the success of the Linn Inn Alliance, which is focused on intellectual property Inns, the Bankruptcy Inn Alliance seeks to be a catalyst in the formation of new bankruptcy-focused Inns. The Bankruptcy Alliance also serves as a vehicle for the sharing of meeting and program information and for the enhancement of the American Inns of Court experience among members of the now 14 bankruptcy law American Inns of Court.

Attendance at meetings of Bankruptcy Inn Alliance Inns is open to all members of sister Inns who are able to attend. If you are planning an upcoming trip and would like to coordinate your trip to permit you to attend a Bankruptcy Alliance Inn meeting, please contact us for a list of upcoming meeting dates, places, topics, and contact information.


Bankruptcy Inn Alliance Members

Inn NameCityStateWebsite
Congressman Walter Chandler American Inn of CourtWashingtonDC
Bankruptcy American Inn of CourtNewark and Cherry HillNJ
Hon. John C. Ford American Inn of CourtDallasTX
Delaware Bankruptcy American Inn of CourtWilmingtonDE
Congressman Don Edwards American Inn of CourtSan JoseCA
Hon. Arthur L. Moller-David B. Foltz Jr. American Inn of CourtHoustonTX
James T. King Bankruptcy American Inn of CourtLos AngelesCA
Judith K. Fitzgerald Western Pennsylvania Bankruptcy American Inn of CourtPittsburghPA
Arizona Bankruptcy American Inn of CourtPhoenixAZ
W. Homer Drake Jr. Georgia Bankruptcy American Inn of CourtAtlantaGA
Hon. Larry E. Kelly Bankruptcy American Inn of CourtAustin and San AntonioTX
J. Bratton Davis Bankruptcy American Inn of CourtColumbiaSC
Judge Jerry A. Brown Louisiana Bankruptcy American Inn of CourtStatewideLA