The Masked Litigant - Parents Just Don't Understand
This entertaining and informative presentation mirrored Fox's popular program, "The Masked Singer". It featured celebrity litigants in legal troubles involving a parent or child. Each litigant sang a song, using elaborate costumes and masks to hide the identify of each litigant. Then, the judges and audience had to guess their identity, and thereafter the litigation was presented. The judges then analyzed the statutes and case law, and determined the outcome of the matter with assistance from the audience. The first celebrity litigant was Clifford Harris/TI being sued by his daughter for a domestic violence restraining order and for invasion of privacy - public disclosure of private facts. One very interesting aspect presented was that California case law authorizes the court to exercise personal jurisdiction and award a restraining order against an out of state defendant for exceptional conduct. One key point is that while technology has blossomed, sometimes the law struggles to keep up. Lori Laughlin was being sued by her daughter for inducing breach of contract, among other things. Britney Spears sued her father Jamie Spears to seek the termination of her long-term conservatorship. The presenters used technology to complement the audience's experience by presenting relevant statutes and case law on screen and playing music.

Presented By: The Earl Warren American Inn of Court (30287)

Presented: February, 2020

Topic Areas: Legal Skills, Privacy, Contract Law

Materials: Script, Citations of Law, Handouts, PowerPoint Presentation and Video

CLE Approval: Approved

State: California

Hours: 1.0

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