The Queen v. Snow White: An Examination of Daubert and Frye
This People's Court meets Snow White presentation utilized the humorous court proceedings of a fictional case centering on expert testimony to discuss which standard for expert witnesses should be applied: Frye or Daubert. The Plaintiff, Queen, brings an action for Declaratory Judgment seeking a determination that she is the fairest of them all. Snow White counterclaims. Plaintiff presents Ms. Mirror, a purported expert in beauty, while Defendant presents Doc, a plastic surgeon. The skit was broken up to include discussions of the relevant standards, competing jurisdictions and precedents included in each segment, and to foster dialogue on the the pros and cons of Frye and Daubert.

Presented By: The S. Barnard American Inn of Court (30054)

Presented: March, 2020

Topic Areas: Expert Witnesses, Daubert, Frye, General Ethics

Materials: Script, List of Questions, Handouts, PowerPoint Presentation and Video

CLE Approval: Pending

State: Florida

Hours: 1.0

2020 National Program Awards Placement: Second Place

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