If You Stop This Fight I'll Kill You: The Making of the I...
If You Stop This Fight I'll Kill You: The Making of the Italian Stallion Syndication This creative program addressed civility in the legal profession outside the usual courtroom setting, expanding the concept of civility to every aspect of the legal practice, including non-work and social interactions. The presentation discussed the issue through the lens of participation in a highly prestigious professional legal organization, the Inns of Court. Presenters used the concept of a “skit about the making of a skit” and the tension and conflict that can arise when strong personalities clash with each other in a potentially stressful environment. The program was a “documentary” of the making of the award-winning program – a behind the scenes look at the team’s planning meetings and rehearsals, showing the conflict that arose as the group struggled to agree on anything and the members were reluctant to listen to different ideas. The program exaggerated the worst behavior that could occur when being on an Inn of Court team in order to call attention to the civility issues. However, during our discussion, the audience recognized that those humorous exaggerations had basic truths.

Presented By: The Consuelo M. Callahan American Inn of Court (30389)

Presented: April, 2019

Topic Areas: Legal Practice, Civility, Professionalism and General Ethics

Materials: Script, Articles, Citations of Law Handouts, and Video

CLE Approval: Approved

State: California

Hours: 1.0

2019 National Program Awards Placement: Outstanding Program Award

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