Pirates! Rogues, Rascals, & the Rule of Law . . .
Pirates! Rogues, Rascals, & the Rule of Law: From the Spanish Main to the Mainframe
The first vignette—The Enemies of All Mankind: Piracy as a Catalyst for International Law—was set in Roman times and introduced the idea of piracy as a foundation for international law and extraterritorial jurisdiction. The second vignette—Pirate or Privateer: The Early American Republic—featured Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson while discussing the law of privateering, the war against the Barbary Pirates, and the challenges faced by the early American Republic. The end of the vignette is the Battle of New Orleans. The third vignette— Even Outlaws Need Laws: The Golden Age of Piracy—discussed pirate codes and the rules and codes of conduct that were developed on pirate vessels. The fourth vignette—A Modern Pirate’s Life for Me: Piracy in the Digital Era— explored how all of these legal concepts continue to apply to the rules of international computer piracy.

Presented By: Garland A. Walker American Inn of Court (30015) and Honorable Nancy F. Atlas IP American Inn of Court (30463)

Presented: May, 2018

Topic Areas: Constitutional Law, Data Privacy, Technology

Materials: Script, Articles, Citations of Law, List of Questions, Handouts, and PowerPoint

CLE Approval: Approved

State: Texas

Hours: 1

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