Create an American Inn of Transactional Counsel

Each American Inn of Transactional Counsel is a part of the American Inns of Court Foundation and an amalgam of counselors, solicitors, associates, and in some cases law professors and law students.  It is made up primarily of attorneys engaged in the practice of transactional law.

An American Inn of Transactional Counsel normally meets monthly both to "break bread" and to hold programs and discussion on matters of ethics, civility, professionalism and excellence in the practice of transactional law.  It is not a fraternal order, a social club, a course in continuing legal education, a lecture series, an apprenticeship system, or an adjunct of a law school's program. While many of these concepts may be present to some degree, the American Inn of Transactional Counsel is quite different in aim, scope, and effect.

An Inn of Transactional Counsel

Membership of an Inn of Transactional Counsel is composed of the following categories:

  • Counselors - experienced lawyers and law professors
  • Solicitors - lawyers with some experience who do not meet the minimum requirements for Counselors
  • Associates - lawyers who do not meet the minimum requirement of Solicitors
  • Pupils - law students (This category is optional)

Transactional Inn Program Teams

The membership is divided into teams called "program teams," with each team consisting of a few members from each membership category. Each team conducts one program for the Inn each year. Team members are encouraged to get together informally outside of monthly Inn meetings in groups of two or more. This allows the less experienced attorneys to become more effective advocates and counselors by learning from the more experienced attorneys and judges.  In addition, in some Inns, each less experienced member may be assigned to a more experienced attorney or judge who acts as a mentor and encourages conversation about the practice of law.

Note:  Membership of judges is not required for an Inn of Transactional Counsel.

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