Why Join an American Inn of Court?

The following are just a few of the compelling reasons to join an American Inn of Court or an Inn of Transactional Counsel.

Professional Growth

By participation at regular Inn meetings, you will be an active part of the exchange of practical lessons, methods, and ideas focused on the highest standards of the legal profession. Inn meetings provide a relaxed, informal environment for informative discussions among all levels of the bench and bar.


Sharing experiences and insights between seasoned members and less experienced practitioners is a fundamental principle of American Inns of Court. In addition to practical, skills-oriented programs, personal interaction in mentoring relationships is a unique benefit of Inn membership.

The American Inns of Court has also developed a Model Mentoring Program available for use at local Inns.

Reconnect with the Profession

Inn membership gives you an association with some of the finest practitioners and jurists in your community. Meetings are designed to promote social interaction, professional relationships and camaraderie in a setting of education and skills development.