CLE Eligible

We consider our programs “CLE Eligible” which means that, while they have not been pre-approved by a particular bar association or jurisdiction, they are designed to meet some of the more rigorous requirements which exist. We strive to offer high-quality educational programming that should allow for an attorney to self-report and receive credit hours. Each educational offering includes:

  • Substantive content based on presentations created for local Inn presentations and developed in conjunction with attorneys and judges.
  • All video presentations are equipped with the ability to track attendance and attention.
  • An assessment to measure both comprehension and attention.
  • Faculty biographies (if relevant).
  • An evaluation which gives every participant the opportunity to provide feedback, measure their satisfaction and notify us of errors or outdated information.
  • A certificate which is issued to the attendee at the end of the program, as well as an opportunity to submit a Uniform Certificate of Attendance signed by the American Inns of Court.

Some jurisdictions have reciprocity with other jurisdictions, so as programs are approved, we will post notice of those approvals on a course-by-course basis. Including a copy of these notifications is another good way to get approval. And as you receive approval for programs, please email us that information – it could be very helpful to other participants!

These things are generally what bar associations require in order to approve a program for CLE credit. However, every jurisdiction is different. We understand how important it is for your career and your own professional development to maintain your license and to continually refresh your knowledge and practice of the law. If there is anything that we at the National Office can do or provide to assist you in being able to submit INNovation Education programs for credit, don’t hesitate to let us know:

See what we have already to assist you.