English Pegasus Scholar Placement Committee

Washington, DC Area Volunteers Needed

"Please consider joining the Pegasus Scholarship Placement Committee. Each year, the Pegasus Scholarship Trust sponsors two barristers, who have been practicing for six years or less, to learn about the American legal system and see it in action. Members of the committee make sure that the experience is one that the scholars will remember and treasure for the rest of their lives. We organize and host meetings, briefings, tours, and other events to showcase our legal and political system. We also get to interact with them and learn about some of the fascinating similarities and differences between our two related systems, both originating with the same common-law roots. Being part of this important committee has been a highlight of my membership in the American Inns of Court; I’m sure that you will find it equally rewarding."

Jesse R. Binnall, 2022 Pegasus Placement Committee Chair

You are invited to serve on the English Pegasus Scholar Placement Committee

Do you love your American Inns of Court experience so much that you'd like to be more involved? Do you enjoy meeting English barristers and comparing the similarities and differences of our two legal systems? If you answered yes to either question then the English Pegasus Scholar Placement Committee has openings for interested people like you. The following describes this rewarding volunteer opportunity.

Background: Each fall, two newer English barristers travel to the United States for a six-week scholarship. The English Pegasus Scholar Placement Committee is responsible for planning the scholars' educational activities for the six-week period. Typically, the committee members draw on their contacts and knowledge of the legal community to arrange for the scholars to spend time with various types of law firms, courts, and government agencies and other legal entities. The goal is to provide a broad but thorough exposure to the American legal system. Also included is a visit to the Supreme Court of the United States and two local American Inn of Court meetings. More information about the Pegasus Scholarship Trust can be found here on our website.

The English Pegasus Scholar Placement Committee reviews the areas of interest of each scholar and gives special consideration to offer the scholars opportunities to match their areas of interest.

Term: Each member serves a two-year term.

Time line: The committee meets via conference calls to discuss the scholars' areas of interest beginning in July and work on scheduling through August and September. A tentative placement schedule is developed by the committee, reviewed by the scholars, and then finalized mid-September. The scholars begin their scholarships October 10, 2022.

Commitment: Committee members should expect to spend approximately 25 to 30 hours total from June through the first of November, reviewing scholarship materials, arranging placements, and participating in committee conference calls.

Perks: Committee members have the unique opportunity to meet and work with the scholars directly. In addition, committee members are priority invitees to the Celebration of Excellence black-tie event in October at the Supreme Court of the United States.

If you are interested in this unique volunteer opportunity please contact Cindy Dennis.