The American Inns of Court Member Experience

As a member-centered organization, understanding what our members expect from their experience with the American Inns of Court, and helping our network of local Inns of Court deliver on those expectations, is our primary strategic objective.  We asked our members to describe those expectations, and you identified six values that make up the high quality American Inns of Court experience.


A welcoming, engaging, and passionate Inn community that fosters career growth and discovery.

  • Members indicated that “networking to build personal relationships” is one of top three benefits of joining their Inn of Court.
  • 79% agree that the American Inns of Court ensures professionalism, ethics, civility, and excellence among the legal community.


We are creating innovative and cutting-edge learning opportunities that ensure ongoing excellence and professionalism.

  • Members indicated that regular program meetings at their local Inn was one of the most important benefits.
  • Members agreed that Inns could use more guidance and resources from the national office in developing topics for monthly programs.
  • 88% of all respondents agreed that the American Inns of Court national office should focus on providing exceptional local programming.


Inns are valued assets in local legal communities, and members are proud of their affiliation with the American Inns of Court.

  • 71% of members indicated that they would recommend their local Inn to peers.
  • 72% of members indicated that they would recommend the American Inns of Court movement nationally.
  • 83% of members agree that they feel proud to be a member of the American Inns of Court.


We provide progressive, accessible, and quality continuing education, and the resources that come with it.

  • Members also indicated that access to continuing education opportunities was a top reason for joining.
  • For members 61 and older, access to continuing education opportunities remains one of the most important reasons for joining the American Inns of Court.
  • Members indicated that one of their reasons for joining American Inns of Court was to raise their professional profile.


A place where the Bench and Bar come together through local programs, members collaborate, share knowledge, and develop relationships which foster professional and personal growth.

  • 92% agree that their local Inn meetings are welcoming.
  • Promoters of the American Inns of Court most likely joined to support the profession and legal community.
  • 90% of respondents indicated that they joined American Inns of Court to network with attorneys and judges.


American Inns of Court provide unparalleled career support and life-long mentoring, creating opportunities to grow, connect, and give back to the profession.

  • Members 30 or younger indicated that “participating in a mentoring program” was one of their top three reasons for joining.
  • Many indicated that the “most important thing that my Inn of Court should do in the future is continue and grow mentorship programs”.

The data and information presented come from an electronic survey of our members conducted by McKinley Advisors,an independent consulting firm, between February and March 2016.