Advertising Policies

The American Inns of Court solicits advertisement in The Bencher for a narrow variety of professional products and services.

  • The Bencher does not accept advertising for attorneys, law firms, and individual expert witnesses, however The Bencher does accept advertising from companies that arrange for expert witness services.
  • The Bencher does not accept law firm announcements.
  • The Bencher does not accept classified advertising.
  • The Bencher does not accept advertising with sexual or other inappropriate connotations.
  • The Bencher discourages “copy heavy” advertising that may detract from adjacent editorial material, substantive articles, or other advertisements.
  • The Bencher reserves the right to refuse or omit an advertisement at any time without notice.
  • In the event an ad is deemed unacceptable, The Bencher will provide a full refund to the advertiser.
  • Advertisers must provide The Bencher with written notice to cancel an ad. No refunds will be issued for cancellations made after the material closing date. In the event an advertiser cancels a multiple  insertion ad, the difference between the published rates for ads run and the multiple insertion rates will be due immediately.
  • Advertisers and advertising agencies are liable for all content (including text, representations, and illustrations) of ads, without limitation, including any and all related claims made against the American Inns of Court, its officers, or members.
  • Advertisers may not be guaranteed a specific page. Every attempt will be made to provide the desired position.
  • No verbal agreements altering the rates and/or terms of the Rate Sheet will be recognized.
  • Inclusion of advertisements in The Bencher does not constitute endorsement of any product or service by the American Inns of Court.