Welcome to Ethics Month!

Thank you for joining us for Ethics Month! Below we propose several fictional scenarios that outline ethical dilemmas in which attorneys might find themselves. We invite you to share and discuss these scenarios with your fellow attorneys then let us know your thoughts and comments about the scenarios by email. What advice might you offer the attorney on extricating themselves from the situation or, better yet, avoiding it altogether? You can also tweet to @innsofcourt using the hashtag #AICethicsmonth. By participating in Ethics Month, you will help strengthen the ethical foundations upon which the American Inns of Court is built and continue to elevate the legal profession.

Happy Ethics Month!

Ethical Dilemma Scenarios

Posted July 9, 2018
Scenario 1: Friend or Fair Game?

Posted July 16, 2018
Scenario 2: How Zealous is too Zealous?

Posted July 23, 2018
Scenario 3: The House that Bad Faith Built

Posted July 30, 2018
Scenario 4: Tennis anyone?

Additional Ethical Dilemmas

Get started now and comment on these  ethical dilemmas: