Everyone Wins With a Good Mentor

We all benefit from mentors. When I began my trial practice (and we call it “practice” for a reason), I had a mentor who looked over every file and attached “see me” stickers when he wanted to discuss my work.  While rather intimidating, his style ensured I was thoroughly prepared for my cases. By asking difficult questions and making me back up decisions, I learned how to use the most effective interrogatories to attain complete discovery, conduct depositions that gave insight to the potential value of witnesses and provided opportunities for settlement, prepare well-written and thought out motions, handle jury selection, prep witnesses, and create effective cross-examination strategies.

We discussed my cases as they were developing. He made certain that when I represented a client for our office, the client was given the best possible chance of success.  He did not tolerate lack of preparedness or inarticulate plans.

When young lawyers appear before me in the courtroom, I can pick out those who have someone looking after them from those who are clearly going it alone. What a difference!

Without the benefit of mentorship, both the clients and I would have suffered. With it, I was able to set a very high bar for myself and for those whom I later mentored.

Not everyone can be fortunate enough to have someone helping to advance our careers when we are junior associates or single practitioners, but the Inn provides a place where mentors are standing by, ready to provide guidance. 

Reach out. Don’t go it alone. Everyone wins with a good mentor.

-Hon. Barbara Savitt Pearson, Boston American Inn of Court, Boston, MA