The Bencher—May/June 2021

Generational Perspective Issues in the Practice of Law [Download PDF ]

Feature Articles

How We Can Benefit from Our Generational Differences
By Judge David W. Lannetti and Jennifer L. Eaton, Esquire—Page 14

Generational Perspective: The View from Millennials During COVID-19
By Jordann L. Wilhelm, Esquire—Page 16

Generational Issues in the Practice of Law
By Judge John I. Guy—Page 19

Changing Culture of Law Practice
By Marshall L. Gates, Esquire—Page 21

A Generational Perspective: Retro Is Trending
By O.K. Boomer—Page 23


Ethics: Professionalism Perspectives on Court Proceedings via Zoom
By Francis G.X. Pileggi, Esquire—Page 11

Taking Your Home Network to the Next Level
By Sharon D. Nelson, Esquire and John W. Simek—Page 26

Regular Features

Inn the News—Page 3
Profile in Professionalism—Page 25
Program Spotlight—Page 27