InnSight | September 2021

Virtual Panels That Pack a Punch

Panel discussions can be a relatively easy program format for virtual meetings. Here are some tips on how to keep them fresh, exciting, and engaging for your members:

  • Create a run-of-show, detailing A/V requirements for each segment of the presentation, who speaks and when, and how to handle transitions between segments.
  • Pre-recording the discussion gives panelists the flexibility to respond to members via the chat box during the presentation, and it lends a professional quality to the program.
  • Get creative with the panel format. Try a fireside chat or a spirited debate. If it lends itself to the program, encourage panelists to incorporate props into their presentation.
  • Designate a moderator to facilitate interaction among panelists and keep the conversation on topic.

Looking for more program inspiration? Search for ideas in the Program Library or ask your director of chapter relations for tips.