Why Attend? 

What is a Leadership Summit?

In a traditional sense, a summit is a meeting or conference. However, the word summit can also mean the highest peak of a hill or mountain. We like to think of a Leadership Summit as both: it is a meeting of current and aspiring American Inns of Court leaders that equips you with the tools needed to ascend to excellence.

The Leadership Summits have grown in the same manner—each summit builds upon the last one, providing more to Inn leaders. Leadership Summits originally started off as a training ground for best practices to help Inn leaders develop their skills. While we still discuss best practices, Leadership Summits have evolved into a time of networking, sharing, problem-solving and finding inspiration from fellow leaders. It has grown to be a unique day of learning and connection.

Why is it Important?

While you as an Inn leader are very involved in your local community, it is important to be connected to the entire American Inns of Court movement. You may be mired in details (when will that last dues payment finally come in?) or feel overwhelmed with Inn administrative responsibilities. The summits give you the opportunity to focus on how you can make the biggest impact for your Inn. In just one day, Inn leaders come away with long-awaited answers and many new, inspired ideas.

Optimize Your Inn’s Performance

By attending a Leadership Summit, you are investing in the longevity and success of your Inn of Court. Our goal is to equip you with all the necessary tools to ensure the health and success of your Inn of Court. Through workshops, open discussion, templates, example resources and administrative best practices, you will walk away from a Leadership Summit with the tools needed to strengthen your Inn of Court.

Inspire and Engage with Other Inn Leaders

Leadership Summits are also an opportunity to reconnect with “why” we are Inn leaders. You are making an impact every day. Your actions, whether it’s booking an event venue or tracking down those last few RSVPs, help make a difference. No matter the size of the task, you are creating the space for professionalism and civility to occur. Your example helps continue to grow those ideals within your legal community. Leadership Summits are an opportunity to reconnect to the mission of the American Inns of Court, find common ground with fellow Inn leaders, and inspire each other to reach the next level of excellence.

Join one of our 15 Leadership Summits this spring and equip yourself for your Inn’s journey to excellence. If you’re attending a Leadership Summit, continue to follow along with this blog to get the latest updates and insights about the Leadership Summits: learn the material we’ve covered and preview of what’s to come.

If you have questions about your upcoming Leadership Summit or just in general, please contact your Chapter Relations Director.

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