Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Leadership Summit?

Each year, the American Inns of Court hosts one-day forums for Inn leaders across the country. The meetings are designed to bring current and future Inn leaders together to share challenges, problem-solve and learn about available resources to optimize their Inn’s performance and continue to improve the quality of the member experience. During the summit, participants discuss topics ranging from dues collection best practices to program topic brainstorming, and from practical membership recruiting techniques to creative approaches to mentoring. 

Who should attend?

All current, future, and aspiring Inn leaders are welcome and encouraged to attend. Inn executive committees have found the most success when more than one of their members attends a summit. We encourage you to bring your Inn’s entire incoming leadership team - from the president to the committee chairs - to learn about available resources, hear how other Inns are managing operations, and  plan together to provide your members with the highest quality experience.

Inn members who are not yet officers, but are interested in getting more involved in leadership are also invited to attend a summit to learn about what goes into leading an Inn.

I have never attended a Leadership Summit. Why should I attend?

It is easy for Inn leaders to feel mired in details—from dues payments to meeting RSVPs, or to continue with the same ways of doing things, believing there’s nothing new under the sun to learn.  Administrative duties are time consuming and can pull you away from the bigger picture. Leadership Summits allow you and your team to step back,  redirect your focus on the  best ways to deliver an Inn experience that meet members’ needs and connects  with the entire American Inns of Court movement. Summit participation is an investment in your Inn and its members through open discussions with a community of fellow Inn leaders.

I have attended a previous Leadership Summit. Why should I attend again?

As a prior participant, you know the invaluable thought-sharing, networking, brainstorming, and planning that happen at Leadership Summits. By regularly attending  Leadership Summits, you are ensuring that your Inn leadership up to date on the latest information, tools, and resources from the American Inns of Court.  However, your insights and contributions to the discussions are equally important.  Since the conversations change depending on who attends, your experience and perspectives can serve to inspire and mentor Inns and Inn leaders looking for examples to emulate.

When are the Leadership Summits?

Leadership Summits will be held in cities across the country during spring 2020. You are welcome to attend any summit around the country that is convenient for your schedule.

How much does it cost to attend a Leadership Summit?

The registration fee for summits is $50 per person, which includes the full day's agenda, plus breakfast and lunch.

What will I bring back to my Inn as a result of attending?

Year after year, Inn leaders leave their Leadership Summit with a refreshed perspective on Inn success. You will get the latest information and ideas to address your members’ educational and mentoring needs and take away creative approaches for managing your Inn.

What if I have to cancel my registration?

We understand that sometimes life and work get in the way of our plans.  If you find that you need to cancel your registration, please contact us in writing at as soon as possible.  Refunds will be provided as long as the cancellation occurs one week or more prior to the Summit date.  Unfortunately, due to commitments we incur, we are unable to offer refunds for cancellations received less than one week before the Summit.  However, if another member of your leadership team can attend in your place, we can make a substitution.  Please notify us of any substitutions as soon as possible.

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